Tips to Attract Ducks for Hunting

downloadDuck hunting is a great activity. You get to hang out with your friends shielded from the elements, and enjoying a great hunt together, and doing all of that knowing that you will have a tasty duck for dinner tonight. However, in order to hunt ducks, you first have to have some ducks to hunt. And you can only do it by attracting them. Before, you may have had to go to places that have ducks, but now you can attract them wherever you want, and we will give you some tips and tricks that will help you in that. So, let’s see how this can be done.

First of all, you needs to know something about ducks, and if you are an experienced duck hunter, you probably already do. But, if you are a beginner, we recommend reading a book or two about them, or talking to some of the more experienced hunters. All of them will tell you that the ducks are attracted to bodies of water, which is why people hunt them there. So, you can create some kind of a small pond, or you can find one on a location you like, and you can start attracting those ducks there.

Then, if the pond’s surrounding is bare, you really ought to plant some tall grass at the edge of the water, because ducks love such places. In fact, they are attracted to them, because they use that tall grass to blend in, and to seek protection from all the predators.  Make sure to check out duck hunting guide service before you go duck hunting. 

So, another important part of attracting duck is offering them some food. While ducks are migrating, they need food, and having some on your pond would be great for attracting them. Make sure you plant some aquatic plants, because duck do eat them. They especially enjoy wild celery and widgeon grass. Another great plant that you can start growing there is chufa, a plant that grows easily, and that the ducks like to eat. Make sure you make that pond look ideal for all the ducks, and in order to do that, you can also plant some reeds, tuberous plants and millets.

If you have some animals on your property, make sure you don’t let them go anywhere near your pond. This will make the ducks upset, and will refuse to land in your pond, because they are too scared. When there are no animals around, the ducks feel a lot more confident and comfortable; and with other animals around, they get a lot more defensive, which is something you don’t (1)

And finally, you can attract the ducks the best by getting some decoys and placing them all around your pond. This will make the ducks thing that there is company there, and will stop by to take a look. Make sure you place them in shallow water, because that’s where the ducks usually go. Also, make sure you place them near the edge of the water, because when the ducks land to inspect the decoy, they will stay for the food they find around. Just remember not to put too many decoys, because it will make the ducks go somewhere else.