Tips on how to get the best tree surgeon

When hiring a tree surgeon you will be looking for someone that will be able to diagnose problems and diseases in trees. Should be able also to improve aesthetic of a tree without implicating the plant’s health and to some extend salvage trees from dying. Hence this service should be undertaken by a well trained ,experienced and equipped individual so as to do the job safely. Let me outline briefly on how you can assess the best tree surgeon in Sheffield.


The best tree surgeon should have number of qualifications to be permitted to undertake certain work in your garden. must have training in chainsaw maintenance and use, should have a training in chainsaw operation and harness and should have skills in tree climbing and aerial rescue. If possible the surgeon need to have a technical knowledge equivalent to QCF level 2.

General accreditation

If its a company then it must hold a certificate from international standard quality management system like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for environmental assessment. With individual person you asses his or her practical competence by looking at his or her experience.

The cost of hiring

When hiring, the cost may vary depending on some factors like size of a tree, the risk involved in dealing with trees and the accessibility of those trees. But putting all factors constant the hiring process should not be that expensive and the same time should not be too low because sometimes quality service comes with the price.

Chainsaw personal protective equipment and insurance

When you want to employ someone first make sure he or she has well protective equipment. As you know being a tree surgeon is very risk and if you don’t handle the job with care then you may end up even loosing life. Insurance is mandatory because of too much risk involved in the work.

Seek advice

You might not tell everything from the tree surgeon unless you make inquiry on some issues from his or her previous customers. This may be a precaution you might be taking to avoid damaging any surrounding obstacles like fences or sheds. This may be one way of seeking if the service being provided is trustworthy and of good standard.

If you follow this guideline am sure you will be able to get a better quality tree surgeon if not the best. But make sure you are vigilant when making choice to avoid any damage.